Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Zaporozhye Bible College

Even before arriving at Zaporozhye Bible College and Seminary (ZBCS) I was intimately connected with them. Most of the teachers and leaders of the school are graduates from either Columbia Biblical Seminary (CBS; my alma mater) or Tyndale Theological Seminary. They are also closely linked with our mission agency, European Christian Mission. Most of the teachers/administrators are also pastors in the local churches.

Our Tyndale graduates serving at ZBCS: Vladimir, Olga, and Vadim

CBS graduates working at ZBCS (two more not pictured) It was amazing to find out that all of the Ukrainian teachers who studied at Columbia were there during the same years as Jenny and I. It is a small world after all!
Daily Chapel Service

It was a pleasant surprise to realize that they shared our key verse!

In summary, although the Christians in Zaporozhye are a small minority they are faithfully serving God and tirelessly working to advance his kingdom. ZBCS is an essential part of this work as it trains pastors and Christian leaders for their city and the surrounding provinces. I was encouraged and enriched by being a part of this work. Thank you to everyone that supported Jenny and I with prayer this past week!

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