Monday, September 29, 2014

Ukraine: Politics and Prayer

In general, the people in Zaporozhye expect Russia to continue pushing at some point. Zaporozhye is the province that Russia would need in order to have a land connection between Crimea and Donetsk. There are many refugees in Zaporozhye right now and some of the churches are actively reaching out to the refugees to provide food and clothing. Many people fled Donetsk by locking their homes and taking nothing but a suitcase. Nationalism is running high in Ukraine right now and Ukrainian flags can be seen all over the city. People in Zaporozhye definitely do not want to be part of Russia.

This is the view of Zaporozhye from the school (population 800,000). Ninety percent of the city was destroyed in World War II and the Soviet era apartments, factories, and warehouses have had little maintenance for decades.

The churches in the areas controlled by the separatists, particularly in Donetsk, have been greatly damaged and the Christians have been scattered. These difficult events have moved the Ukrainian churches to intensively pray for their country. They are praying that the fighting and subsequent economic difficulties will lead more Ukrainians to faith in Jesus Christ, that devastation would lead to salvation. Please join them in prayer for God to bring salvation to many through the seemingly senseless and unnecessary conflict.

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