Friday, October 12, 2012

The Approaching Whirlwind

Between now (Oct. 12) and Dec. 4 we will be speaking or sharing 16 different times at 7 different churches across SC, NC, and CT. This includes two different mission conferences. We anticipate that these next seven weeks will be amazing, wonderful, and crazy all at the same time.  We love sharing about the growth of God’s kingdom throughout the world, particularly His work in and through Tyndale Theological Seminary. We especially look forward to reconnecting with many friends we have not seen for years.
Please join us in prayer for the following requests.
  1. That God would give us and our boys emotional, physical, and spiritual stamina throughout all of the traveling. It can be especially difficult on the boys to constantly be on the move and visiting different churches.
  2. That God would enable us to effectively communicate exactly what needs to be said in each situation. Our goal is to pass on a vision and passion for God’s global kingdom.
  3. That God would raise up the remaining financial support we need to be able to move to the Netherlands and begin training pastors at Tyndale full-time. We need 30 more friends to join our support team at $100.00 a month (or 60 people at $50.00 a month) to be able to move.

We will continue to post updates as we are able. Thank you for your prayers!

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